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Replace people’s Pain by people’s Dream

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Become one of the best Hypnotherapist in Vietnam to support people in changing the habit, overcoming their pain, fear, phobia to reach the success

Our Value

Positive: We stay Positive in every case and every day.

Integrity: We act with honesty and truthfulness

Commitment: We make promise and keep promise

Listen: We listen to you unconditionally

Grateful: We appreciate benefits received and do the kind thing for the others

“The only time you fail is when you
fall down and stay down.”

Stephen Richards

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I am Quynh Thi Huong Vu. I am passionate about Hypnosis and its priceless value. My focus is to support people in changing their habits, overcoming their pain, fear, phobia to reach their success, and help with the improvement of the relationship.

Take care of you as unique case

Individually serve

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get to know each other

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understand your issues

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determine your goals

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“Today is a good day to try.”


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Motivation Institute
Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy
Certified Number: 102123

NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner

Udemy, Inc.
Certification Number:

The Success Principles

Jack Canfield Training Group
Certification Number: 30082020

Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique

American Hypnosis Association
Date: 06/2021
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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol


American Hypnosis Association – AHA
Since: 2021

The American Hypnosis Association (AHA) is a national association of hypnotherapists, other professionals and, private persons interested in hypnosis and related fields.



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Questions and Answers

You might ask?

The success rate is relatively high. In fact, Hypnotherapy has been successful for thousands of years. People who want to change shall feel the results so quickly.

No, the Hypnotherapist cannot control your mind. All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. The Hypnotherapist is merely a companion on your journey to healing. The subconscious mind can reject any suggestions those are against your values.

No, you can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do in hypnosis. In hypnosis you retain power over your ability to act upon suggestions, although if you do allow yourself to act upon a suggestion you may feel as though the effects are happening by themselves.

No, no body gets stuck in Hypnosis. After being in Hypnosis for a while, the Hypnotherapist stops giving suggestions, you can either “wake up” or fall asleep.

No. Although the Greek meaning of Hypnosis is “Sleep”,  studies have shown that Hypnosis and Sleep is different from each other. To observers Hypnosis might appear to be like sleep because suggestions of relaxation are commonly given as part of a Hypnotic routine, but Hypnotized people are in a state more similar to wakefulness (and hypnosis has even been induced in people riding exercise bicycles – so called ‘active alert’ Hypnosis)

Hypnosis probably feels different for everybody. Many Hypnotherapists use relaxation procedures as part of Hypnotherapy, then in common, people associate a feeling of relaxation with hypnosis. Some people feel as though their body is very heavy, whereas some can feel very light, almost as if they were floating.

“Science is a method of discovering knowledge: it’s really a process of subjecting your ideas to an empirical test to see whether they are supported by evidence (see the Wikipedia entry for a much more detailed description). Many researchers take a scientific approach to studying hypnosis: they generate research questions (hypotheses), then they systematically test them to see whether they are supported. Our knowledge of hypnosis advances because of this: people used to believe that the effects of hypnosis were due to a mysterious magnetic fluid; we now believe that the effects are the result of a communication between hypnotist and subject which can affect the way the brain processes information. Research psychologists are interested in what hypnosis is, and doctors and clinical psychologists are interested in what effects hypnosis can have upon medical and psychological conditions. Their research is published in journals, and you can search the knowledge base using online tools like PubMed or Google Scholar. So there are certainly scientists interested in hypnosis, and you could say that there is a science of hypnosis.”

Source: https://hypnosisandsuggestion.org/frequently-asked-questions.html

We are now available at weekend from 8 am to 5 pm GTM+7. For more detail, please visit: Contact – Quynh Vu Hypnotherapist